16 December 2010 ~ 0 Comments

TRON: Legacy

Get Ready To Ride. TRON Legacy Will Be For Me At Least, THE BEST MOVIE EVER!!!!!
Jump Into The Computer And Expirence A Film That Will Blow Your Mind!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This Movies About A Boy Named Sam Flynn And His Dad. When He Was A Little Boy, His Dad Was Telling Him A Story, A Stroy Of Somewhere Unknown, But He Never Got To Finish His Story.
Sam’s Dad Went Missing Right After The Story, So When Sam’s Grown Up, He Went To Hid Dads Office, The Arcade. And Finds The Arcade Game, TRON, And Gets Pulled Into It. Now He Must Face Games Through Out The World Of TRON, And If You Die In The Game…………You Die In Real Life.

Heres A Trailer For It.

Make sure you stay away from IGN if you are 13 or younger. There are Mature rated games there.

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