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Warioware D.I.Y Review

Wario Ware: D.I.Y is VERY fun!!  you get to make your own micro-games.  Create graphics, music and more!!  Get games from other people online!  And the minute you play the game, you get to play over 90 Pre-Loaded Micro-Games! And so much that you’ll have to read this to know what I mean!!


Now the game has pretty fun looking graphics, there are actually lots of different graphics.  Some are pixley, some are realistic, some are regular.  There are alot of them!!  And other made games, and comics might have some blood or something but NEVER somthing bad.  The WarioWare Network won’t allow it. And like it said in the description, you can make your very own graphics and backround. So have fun with it!!


There are many different sounds you can make, or can hear in micro-games. There is six different sections of different sounds, and each section has 8 unike different sounds! Including some fun 8-bit mario sounds like Ding-Ding which is basicly a mario sounding sound!! It’s my favorite, as well as Bing-Bing, it’s sound is hard to explain, but it’s a fun sound to listen to!! And there are alot of micro-games, so your sure to find alot of sounds in THIS game!


The game play is pretty large if your talking about getting al micro-games/unlockables! But I’ll tell ya one secret that I found out recently on the game by my self. If you beat all micro-games of all the characters and score over 30 or 20 points, you’ll unlock mixed games. Mixed games is all D.I.Y games, and character games! How fun is that?!?! And you get to make your own comics, games, and music. And then you have the asembly dojo. (Which is training) So you’ll probly play this game more then you think! And don’t forget the awesome Warioware Network!!!


In the end, I really liked this game because of all the content it has to offer, including the awesome network it has!! So if you like those Warioware games, no mater what version it is. Then you’ll love this!!
FINAL SCORE – 8.7/10


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