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The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks Review


Join Link and Zelda In a an all- new adventure!  Spirit Tracks have long protected the kingdom from evil.  When they start disipering myseriously, Link and Zelda must travel the land together to restore them and keep dark forces at bay.


Now the graphics and visulas are the exactly the same as phantom hourglass. (If you’ve ever played phantom hourglass)  They are almost 3d looking, but not to 3d either.  While you walk across one area to another, you’ll see the screen scroll.  But alot of the things in here look really cool.  Like bosses look really cool, and so do some enemys.  But the thing that sucks is that even the cut seanse look exactly the same as the normal walking graphics.  But some things accttuly look really really cool!! 


The sound is accutly really good for a ds game.  It has alot of different sound effects and songs on it.  And it’s songs are more guitar and flute.  At least thats what it sounds like.  And some of the songs are accutly really cool, like the semi-final boss song.  And the regular boss battle song.  They are more like phantom hourglass if ya ask me.  And they also have IN DANGER songs when runing away from a phantom.  If you have played phantom hourglass you would know this already.


The game play is very difficult and large like most Zelda games.  Whats also awesome is that you can team up with a phantom to work your way through dungeons together.  And then you can fight enemies, explore the world, and complete missions using the train!  And you can aslo get new items like the Whirlwind, so you can solve puzzles in new ways.  And finaly you can battle with up to three other people using one or multible game cards!!  


In the end, I thought this game was really good.  Well, of course ALL Zelda games are good.  So if you like Long Length/Zelda games, then you’ll like this!


By, Liam

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