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Pokemon Heartgold and Soulsilver


Prepare for thrilling new adventures as legendary Pokemon awaken!  Explore the Johto region as you catch, train, and battle with your favorite Pokemon by your side.  Turn the tides-call forth the legendary Pokemon! 


Pokemon Soulsilver and Heartgold werepretty well made.  Of course you won’t see a Pokemon Black and White graphics, but there still pretty good for a Ds game.  And especially the legendary Pokemon cut scene, that cut scene look awesome!  but that was basically the only cut scene.  Which is pretty sad because the legendary Pokemon cut scene was really cool, and they could have made more.  That would of made the game a whole LOT better.


Now the sound of the game was pretty goodas well.  But the cut scene sounds actually were fuzzy, so that really sucks.  But other then that, there are many songs in the game.  Different songs play on some different routes.  There are the gym leader battle songs, there are the legendary Pokemon battle songs, there is the champion battle song.  THERE ALL DIFFERENT.  One of my favorite was the gym leader battle, that one was pretty cool.  But there are some that are fuzzy and some aren’t.  So it’s hard to say if the sound is good or bad.  You can decide.


The game-play like most Pokemon games is very long.  And this time this Pokemon game is awesome because you can enjoy mini-games with your trained Pokemon, travel with your favorite Pokemon right behind you!  And now you can take your Pokemon outside without your game, with the brand new Pokewalker accessory!  The Pokewalker is a special pedometer only for Pokemon and Heartgold and Pokemon Soulsilver versions.  It can communicate with these games using infrared signal!  And by storing a Pokemon in the Pokewalker, it can earn experience points and become friendlier as you walk in real life.  And you can catch Pokemon and find items in the Pokewalker, then transfer them to Pokemon Soulsilver and Heartgold versions.  How cool is that?!?!?!?


In the end, I thought this game was really cool.  Also knowing that you can catch almost all legendarys like mewtwo, and Ho-oh and Lugia.    would say if you liked Pokemon games and liked Pokemon Being able to follow you, then get this game!! 

FINAL SCORE – 9.3/10

By, Liam

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