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Plants Vs. Zombies Ds Review


Get Ready To Soil Your Plants!  Stem a zombie attack in the fun-dead action hit from PopCap!  Zombies are invading your home, and the only defense is your arsenal of plants.  Dig into five game modes and new mini-games.  Challenge a friend in Versus mode and make your own zombie!  The fun never dies!


Now this Plant Vs. Zombies Ds version does NOT have great graphics like when you play on the Xbox 360.  But it’s still the same game.  And the game does have a little blood on the bucket head zombies.  but I don’t remember any other blood in the game.  Of course it’s animated blood, so there’s no worry in that.  But still, the graphics aren’t the best of the best.  If you want best of the best, buy the Xbox 360 version. your bound to like that one more if your all about graphics.  It’s also got some head popping of stuff, but it’s funny looking.  So don’t worry about that one either. 


The sound is not the greatest either, but it doesn’t change the game experience in any way.  But I DO like the songs and sound effects, cause there exactly the same, just fuzzy, that’s all.  But the songs and sound effects do go with the game alot.  Like when a zombies eats one of your plants, it will make a MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH MUNCH sound and then GULP sound.  It’s actually kinda funny.  And the song does change at certain levels. 


Now to be able to play this game, you need skills.  Which is very easy to get as long as you know how to play the game.  The skills you need is, think fast, and plant fast.  And whats awesome about this game, is that there are so many things to do.  Like being able to play five different game modes, battle zombies in 22 different mini-games, and challenge a friend in versus mode, also conquer 50 adventure levels, and whats really cool is being able to make your own zombie with the Zombatar and be able to have your own profile pic when playing multi-player. 


In the end, if you like to stay home with a HD console, then get a console version of the game.  But if you want a version on the go, then take the Ds version in a heart-beat!

FINAL SCORE – 8.4/10

By, Liam

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