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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded Review


When a mysterious message appears in Jiminy Cricket’s journal, King Mickey calls on Sora to spring into action.  Play as the beloved Keyblade wielder and fight through glitch-infested worlds to restore order.


For a Ds game, I would say that the cut scenes and game-play actually look pretty good for a Ds game.  Like the cut scenes look AMAZINGLY GOOD.  But just the regular graphics of the game are ok, but not the best.  Though the attacks look pretty cool, and especially the characters!!  They look pretty darn good in this game.  So lets just assume that everything in this game looks good.  (Considering it’s a Ds game.)  And I don’t have alot to say about graphics and visuals any more.  So lets go on to sound, shall we?


The sound is actually pretty fuzzy. (Not really surprising)  I just wish they did a little better on the sound.  For the cut scenes, I think they were a little fuzzy, but they were still pretty good considering it’s a Ds game.  But the songs in the game were actually barely even fuzzy, they sounded really good.  It’s weird.  But some of the songs I liked alot, like the first boss song and the last boss song.  They were really good.  


I don’t have much to say in this section, but I do have some things to say.  In this game, you can visit all the major Disney worlds and un-glitch them.  And it might seam like the game isn’t long, but it actually is.  (Once again, not a surprise) You can enjoy a wide variety of game play, Including side-scrolling action, shooting, turn-based battles, and more!  And want to know whats even better?  You can customize your character with over 100 commands, take control of Sora like never before!!  This is a brand-new adventure filled with timeless Disney friends and foes.  And this game is multi-player!!  So if you were concerned that this game wasn’t long, it is!   


In the end, I was pretty excited for this game.  And when you beat it, you still have a mother-load of things to do.  So if you like Kingdom Hearts/long length games, then you’ll like this!


From, Liam

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