Peter And The Pickled Peppers

There was a boy, A boy that goes by the name of Peter, Peter Piper to be excact.

And he just lost his home, But……He had just enough money to be able to buy a farm. Except he had nothing to work with, Nothing to love, Nothing to feed. So he sat there, Thinking, Thinking, And thinking some more.
But that night….. he fell into a deep sleep, And then…… when he woke up in the morning… There was a Giant Patch Of Pickled Peppers!!!!!! Who would of done this. He thought…….

Then later on, He went to the bathroom…. And he was looking in the pot thinking *WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?!?!??!?!.* Because… What he pooped out, Was Pickled Peppers!!!!!! And you know what that means…… He was sleep walking and the pooped a patch of pickled peppers!!!!!!!!!

Then he had a Super idea…. What if he lured animals to the pickled peppers as a trap? Because luckly, He was right near a forest with horses and pigs. Yes, Odd… Isn’t it?

And finaly, His mind was set. He was gonna do it, He was gonna set the pickled peppers as a trap for the animals. So the night… He went out side and quickly pooped a pile of pickled peppers, And set up the trap, The he went to bed.

But the next morning….. It went terribly wrong, What the animals did was not only eat the pickled peppers…. THEY ATE THE FARM TO!!!!!!! And then he SCREAMED TO THE TOP OF HIS LUNGS!!!! BECAUSE THEY WERE MUTANT EVIL ANIMALS!!!! AND THEY WERE COMING AT HIM TO EAT HIM, AND THEN!!!!!!!!!

He woke up, It was only a dream. So he went to the bathroom just in case, But…. He pooped out pickled peppers, Except he was brave and tryed the trap again, And it worked. Now for no aperent reason, He is a rich man now. And He Lived Happly Ever Pickled.

The End.