Roblox Review

Wanna play a online game thats adult free? Then Welcome To Roblox. Roblox is a online game that is like no other, You can do sooooo many things. So read this review and I’m sure you will like it.


When you play this game it looks alot like your playing with lego people, because when you walk around, it looks like your the living legos. Its SUPER rare to find even a ounce of blood because this is suppose to be a kid game, And even if you do find blood in this game, It will look like lego blocks. So the graphics of this game is totally for kids, And when your health goes all the way down, you don’t sit there and watch yourself die, you fall to pieces like some rude kid kicked legos down and the fell across the ground.


It sounds alot like upgraded BIT and when you jump. The game sounds like if you are watching a cartoon mixed with watching real life television. When you pull out a sword, it sounds like when you pull out a sword– like KASHHIINGG! When you pull out a gun, It sounds like your loading a gun, Like CHKCHK!!!


Roblox is absolutely NOT a war game. When I was saying pulling out guns and swords and stuff like that, it was because in this online game you can build. Like for example, you could build a war game, a town and city game, a kid-level scary game, and much more!!Most of all…theres a membership for the game. What its called is Builders Club. There are 3 types of builders club– theres normal Builders Club, Turbo Builders Club, and last of all, The Outrageous Builders Club. But they’re all pretty expensive, like one month of builders club, Is $6.00 Dollars!!! I KNOW, ITS CRAZY!


But after all, this is a REALLY fun online game thats adult gree, Kids Play, rarely see blood, And NEVER EVER NEVER NEVER NEVER will you see a bad word, and if you do, you can report the person that said it, and then the Roblox staff will take care of it. And best off all… ITS FREE!!

So if you would like to play Roblox sometime soon… just simply click Here and BOOM!!! You’re on the Roblox home page.  So in the end, I LOVED IT!!!


My Roblox ID-spyfuttonbutton

By Liam

(Proof-read by Middie on February 17)