New Super Mario Bros 2 Review

Hey guys, I’m back, and I wanted to say sorry for how long I’ve been gone, and that I’ll be writing a storm of reviews, starting now!

But enough about me, lets get to the review!



New Super Mario Bros 2 certainly did improve in it’s visuals comparing to New Super Mario Bros, but I can’t say it would beat New Super Mario Bros Wii’s visuals, but considering it’s a 3ds game, it’s not a bad improvment!  The 3D aspect of the game is awesome!  I think it’s one of the best 3D games on 3DS!  when 3D is on, you can’t tell the graphics is bad or anything, all you see is 3D!  Which by the way, is once again, great 3D!


The sound of New Super Mario Bros 2 is almost console like!  And the soundtrack is about the same as the first game, but when the new levels come in, it’s all different, OF COURSE!  The sound I know has improved quite a bit!  If you get the game and play New Super Mario Bros 2 and New Super Mario Bros at the same time, you WILL tell the difference!



Don’t worry, theres much more then coins!

New Super Mario Bros 2 is a great adventure about saving Princess Peach for what, like the 20th time?!  And did I mention the coins?  A HUGE aspect of the game is to collect coins!  Can you get One Million Coins?  You think Story Mode won’t help?, Coin Rush is here to help!  Coin rush is a seires of Coin Collecting and you have to do it FAST, time limits are included!  And to help with THAT, as we speak, you can buy DLC levels for coin rush!  And if you think Story Mode and Coin rush isn’t much, not to worry!  Multi player is the best way to collect coins!  One coin on multi player doubles for each file!  So that will help!  And did I mention the secret worlds?


In the end, New Super Mario Bros 2 is a fantastic game, filled with fun for 1, or even 2!  You’ll find your self playing for a long time trying to collect those coins!  And remember, TARGET GOAL, 1 MILLION COINS!

FINAL SCORE – 9.5/10

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By, Liam