Mario Kart 7 Review

No Description for this one!  So lets cut to the chase!


Now I gotta say, Mario Kart 7 has almost a Mario Kart Wii feel too it!  It’s graphics really stand out, and when you turn 3D on, DANG, it’s pretty cool!  The 3D Visuals really stand out, EXAMPLE, throwing a bomb and shell, really stands out from everything else!  So, yeah, lets just leave the”Graphics/Visuals” at this, It has a GREAT console feel!


The sound is very, very, Mario!  All of you know Mario music is some what different then normal music.  Well that’s Mario Kart 7′s music!  Sometimes the sounds are a little shotty, like sometimes when you BLOW UP, it’s a little shotty, but that’s my opinion!  Everyone has there different likes in sounds, I would say for this game, what really matters is the gamers opinion!


Mario Kart 7 has MANY levels! (8 cups) And hidden modes!  But one of my favorite modes, is multi-player!  in Multi-player theres Balloon Fight (you remember that), Vs. and Coin Run! (I think that’s what it’s called)  But modes arn’t everything, You can unlock new characters, new kart customizations, you can even play as your Mii!  It’s pretty fun!


In the end, I gotta say, this game was a great experience for me, I always loved the Mario Kart franchies’s, and this is the best of em all! (In My Opinion!)