Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Review


Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is the back story to all kingdom hearts games. This is a action-packed adventure game you will love!! (As long as you like kingdom hearts and RPG games.) Play as Terra, Ventus, and Aqua – three friends with a common dream who find themselves in the middle of a crisis affecting worlds far beyond there own.

The KINGDOM HEARTS saga starts here.


The game’s graphics and visuals look really good, including the intro. I would say that if you’re fine with the first kingdom hearts graphics for PS2, then you would be fine with the graphics in this game. There is no blood whatsoever, no bad words, or anything really to worry about.  The reason the game is E-10 is for fantasy violence and mild suggestive themes, which to me doesn’t make any sense, because I have played through almost the entire game, and I haven’t seen anything like it.


The sound is amazing (Considering it’s for the PSP)!! It’s like playing a game with HQ (High Quality) sound, I don’t have much to say about the sound, unless you’re looking for sound effects.  If you are, then you’re in the right place.  The sound effects quality isn’t AS great as the normal sound it’s self. Although some of the sound effects a GREAT as can be, some are a little fuzzy.


The story of the game is GREATLY AWESOME (in my opinion)!!  It’s about three friends who share the same dream, but get caught in the middle of a crisis  (like it says at the top). There is Ventus, Terra, and Aqua. Ventus holds his Keyblade back-hand, and is great at quick attacks.  Terra seeks power and strength, and he relies on brute force in combat.  Aqua always looks after her friends, she is nimble and is gifted at magic.  You may choose to play as one of the three characters in the beginning of the game, after the tutorial;  then you may choose to finish there story, or you may choose another story for a while by creating a new file.  Don’t worry, even though you’re creating a new file, every file is in the same system data,  so that doesn’t affect anything.


In the end, I would say that if you love kingdom hearts and wanted to know the back-story to the first game, then go buy a PSP and buy Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep!!


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By, Liam