Kid Icarus: Uprising Review

No Description on this one, so lets get right to the review!



Kid Icarus: Uprising has great graphics!  3D though is actually quite distracting, but the graphics of the game blew my mind!  I thought it was amazing!  The game is a third-person, but has the feel of a free-roam!  But it ISN’T!  It’s a great example in graphics, lets leave it at that!


The games sounds are very shooter like, but the game also has a very fun relaxing sound to it as well!  But don’t get to relaxed, cause enemies will scare you sometimes!  They’ll jump out of a wall and scare the pizza outta you!   So the sounds are great, some relax, some scare, some are in the middle, it’s up to you to find out which is which!


The Game play of Kid Icarus: Uprising is really fun!  The controls take only a few minutes to get use to, and then you’ll be fine!  You can change the difficulty of the level your at!  The harder it is, the more hearts you get! (Hearts is Money)  There’s solo, and multi-player, and also the game comes with Kid Icarus: Uprising AR cards, 6 to be exact!  And be warned, don’t go on Online Multi-player unless your really good, you’ll get mad if your not!  It’s all about practice!


Kid Icarus: Uprising was a REALLY FUN GAME, and I think who ever owns a 3DS , needs to get Kid Icarus: Uprising, it’s a MUST OWN 3DS Title!