3D Dot Game Heroes-Review

3D Dot Game Heroes is an REALY fun PS3 game. It has ALL sorts of characters, Like it has for example, Vampires, Warriors, Ninjas, And SOOO much more.


Whats so cool though is that there was an update that dowloaded a BUNCH more characters, One of them is a REALLY famous character and he goes by the name of, Sackboy(TM)!!!!!!!!!!
From Little Big Planet(TM)!!!!!!!!!.

This game is REALLY Hard,Like at the final temple you have to fight EVRY SINGLE BOSS ALL OVER AGAIN!!!!!, Except their harder!!!!!!!!!!!. But the thing is, the beginning of the game is REALLY easy, but then you go later on in the game and you notice it’s getting harder…. And harder…… And Harder. And it goes like this the whole way until you get to the final temple.then thats probably when the difficultiy stops going any higher, but it never goes down.

The End
So after playing this game, i was very satisfied with everything. It’s definitely a challenge, There’s a lot of game play, There are also things i have NEVER unlocked like you could get swords and equip them but i only have the one sword you ever unlock by story. And thats the Legendary Sword.

FINAL SCORE – 9.0/10

PSN ID:shadowroxas1423
360 Gamertag:shadowroxas1423

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