Tron: Legacy Review

Tron Legacy is the second movie of Tron, Its action packed, Its got some funny parts, Its got some sad parts, Its one of the best movies I have ever seen. The release date for this movie was December 17th 2010. The movie is about Sam Flynn and his dad, Kevin Flynn.  Once, When Sam was little, Kevin was telling sam a story, A story about, The grid.

The grid was a place that was suppose to be somewhere amazing, Somewhere no one would imagine making.  The grid was suppose to be a new world that would be beautiful.  But it all went wrong, And now I can’t tell you anything else about this, You need to see the movie you’re selfs.  Because trust me, I hate spoiling movies for others.  But, I can tell you this, The movie focuses on the father son drama and the realisation that technology isn’t the answer to everything.

The graphics were really good and cyber-like, Because of course, its Tron.  And its not like the old one when it looks kinda wierd and……………Lets just say old.  It looks more, 2010 technology.  And say like when someone gets hit by a disk, You don’t fall to the ground and die, You don’t do that in computers.  You will see little pixles fly everywhere and then it falls to the ground and shatters like glass.  And if you’re looking for effects, Then I’ll tell ya.  The effects of everything was awesome!!!!!!  Like when I told you pixles, There not the type of pixles like when you would play a really old game, They look more like square glass.  Its really cool.  And trust me when I tell you this, I saw it in 3D, And it was the best of the best when it comes to 3D in this type of movie. 


So, After seeing the m0vie, It was awesome!!!!!!.  My heart is still kinda pounding from even thinking of Tron Legacy.  So yes, I suggest you go see it and see what im talking about and then, when you do see it, Tell us what you think about it by leaving a comment right below this review.  Hope ya go see it!!!!!!!