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Kirby’s Epic Yarn

Go Behind The Seams With Kirby!  Unravel enemies and weave your way through a Kirby adventure unlike anything you’ve ever seen!!


Now the graphics and visuals look very different from any other game you would see.  It’s very….creative.  When or where ever you are, the graphics are always fun looking.  It’s cool because everything looks like it’s been sown like patches!   And everything is so creative , like when a boss shoots fire for example, it’s not fire, it’s yarn!  And unlike other Kirby games, when a star is in the air or something like that, it’s made out of yarn.  So basically, everything is made out of yarn!  Cool huh?  And most of the floors have stiches in them to look like they really have been sown.  I thought that was a neat feature.  And when you get money, they’re actually beads.  I thought that was cool as well.


The sound has a lot of the old Kirby songs in it, but sounds a little different than normal.  I don’t have much to say about the sound.  But here are some neat things about the sound.  Well like I said before, there are old Kirby songs in it. But it also has different sound effects, like when you whind up an enemy in a ball of yarn, it sounds almost like your whinding up a top.  So I thought that was cool too.        


Now the gameplay is pretty long.  Because even after you beat a world, there are more levels in it.  So I even I haven’t beaten them.  So more play time for me!  And what’s cool about this Kirby game is that it has a lot more abilities and transformations!!  Now there’s a parachute, U.F.O,dolphin,car,tank,surfboard, and more!  And in this game you can have 2-player fun with the partner of Kirby, Prince Fluff!  Now all you big transformations has a second part too it with a second player playing!    So I really liked this game


In the end, I did like this game.  For it’s style and length and for everything it has to offer.  So if you like Kirby, then I would consider getting this game.  BUT  IT’S ALL YOUR CHOICE!!

FINAL SCORE – 6.9/10

By, Liam

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