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Fun Roach Facts!

Like all of use, there are many things in this life that are gross, weird and icky.  Bugs and insects are one of them.  Let us tell you of some interesting facts about one such bug…the cockroach!  Keep on reading to find out what makes these particular bugs so interesting and gross!

Huge Roach!!
Did you know that the world’s largest roach, which actually lives in South America, is half a foot long with a full wingspan of a foot long!  That’s one big bug!

Feel Bad For The Girls!
There are some female cockroaches that, once they’ve mated, they will be pregnant for the REST of their LIVES!.  Man  Talk about a hard rest of your life, always worrying about your unborn babies!

No Head?  No Worries!
You’d think that when anything living loses a head, the whole body would die.  Well, not a cockroach.  A roach can live an entire week without it’s head.  The cause of death for the body?  It dies because it dies of thirst.  With no mouth, you can’t drink!

Alright, Who Stinks Around Here??
Because of a roach’s sense of smell, which is pretty fantastic, they can actually recognize family and friends by their individual odors alone.  Roaches use their antennae and feet as their noses.  Weird eh?

Ew…Cockroach Medication!
What would happen if you found a roach, crushed it on the kitchen floor, and was left with nothing more than crunch, crushed cockroach?  Use it as medicine of course!  Crush cockroaches can actually be used to relieve pain on a stinging wound by applying it to the wound.

Ah, How Sweet…They Wanna Snuggle!
Roaches are able to live all over the world, although most species of roach enjoy their time in the tropics.  Who wouldn’t?  Heck, some actually live in the North and South Poles!  There are cockroaches who can withstand freezing temperatures (32°F or 0°C).  But if it gets any colder, then those little buggers will die.  In the places where it gets really cold, the will actually survive by moving in with us humans!  They just wanna get warm with us!


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